Bill Maher Mocks Tea Party Victims With Fake IRS Questions: State the ‘Approximate Location of Your Trailer Park’

HBO “Real Time” host Bill Maher discussed the Internal Revenue Service scandal on Friday, making fun of the conservative groups who were unfairly targeted for years by the IRS.

“I try to play it fair and I said before, I think there is an actual scandal with the IRS,” Maher began.  “We got a hold of some of the forms [that] the IRS was making the applicants fill out, and it really does look like they were trying to search out and expose Tea Party people…”

Maher then proceeded to list a number of fake questions his team concocted, beginning: “List your name, age, and approximate location of your trailer park.”

“When did you first realize that you shouldn’t have to pay taxes?” the fake questionnaire continued.  The allowed responses were either “moments after black guy was elected” or “seconds after black guy was elected.”

Another question asked: “To which of these do you currently cling?”  The possible multiple-choice responses were: “Gun; Bible; False memories of a simpler time, probably from television; All of the above.”

“F***ing immigrants, am I right?” the spoof form concluded, the possible responses being either “yes” or “hell yes.”

Watch the entire segment below: