So the good news is that threat of domestic political violence in the U.S. is extremely low, according to the latest Terrorism and Political Violence risk map from Aon, a risk management firm and insurance broker.

The bad news is that terrorism is still a real threat to America.

In Europe, “the overall risk levels in France and Spain are actually equivalent to China and Russia, presumably on the basis of the former countries’ recent, heated demonstrations protesting austerity,” Business Insider’s Rob Wile notes.

Meanwhile, as the following map clearly indicates, the safest havens in the world are Denmark, Finland, Japan, Australia, Iceland, Uruguay, and Botswana:

Aon Releases 2013 Terrorism and Political Violence Risk Map

Aon (Click to enlarge)

Aon Releases 2013 Terrorism and Political Violence Risk Map


Personally, the map doesn’t concern us one way or the other. After watching that video of a bear mauling a camera, we weren’t planning on leaving the house anyway. Ever.

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