Joe Scarborough Clashes With Robert Gibbs Over Recent Scandals: Obama Wasn’t ‘Totally Ignorant of What Was Going On’

Photo Credit: MSNBC

Over the past week, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough has been vocal regarding the the Obama administration’s numerous scandals. This morning, the television host continued on this path, clashing with former White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs over whether President Barack Obama was aware of the scandals before they were widely reported in media.

Naturally, Gibbs defended Obama’s handling of the situation and rebuffed attempts by Scarborough to question the president’s management of the political crises.

However, that did little to stop the “Morning Joe” host from fully sharing his views on the matter.

“I just don’t believe that any chief executive is going to be in the dark about a leak that everybody is claiming may have [cost] the lives of Americans,” he told Gibbs. “And the president is stumbling around for a year and has absolutely no idea that the largest news gathering operation is having subpenas thrown all over them and is having an unprecedented seizure of their phone records?”

Scarborough went on to say that the situation doesn’t have to be black or white, meaning: The truth may fall somewhere in the middle between the extremes of Obama having full knowledge of these scandals and of only learning about them for the first time from media report.

“I don’t think this president was totally ignorant of what was going on in the Justice Department regarding the Associated Press or what was going on in the IRS Cincinnati field office,” he continued.

“I will say this. I think in many ways, these are questions that will be asked and will be nitpicked on,” Gibbs responded, clearly avoiding going into further detail.

The former press secretary did note, though, that the bigger issue that people will likely focus on is what can be done on the IRS front to ensure that no similar scandals occur in the future.

Watch Scarborough and Gibbs go back-and-forth, below:

(H/T: Mediaite)

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