Coulter and Hannity Decry ‘Disturbing’ Obama Admin Scandals: ‘You Can’t Do This to Any American’

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter (Photo Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter joined television host Sean Hannity last night to weigh in on the numerous scandals plaguing the Obama administration.

From covering Benghazi to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the investigation into Fox News’ James Rosen, the conversation was heavily critical of the federal government’s official narratives and overall management of these scenarios.

Both Coulter and Hannity noted that Rosen, who was targeted by the Department of Justice, was simply doing his job. In addition to protections he enjoys as a journalist, Coulter added that the government can’t treat regular citizens in the manner  Rosen was handled (full details of the DOJ allegations are here).

“From what we know now, it does sound very disturbing,” she said. “Beyond the press privilege, you can’t do this to any American unless [his or her actions] will harm national security.”

As for the IRS scandal, Coulter  took particular aim at the notion that workers in the Cincinnati office were simply overworked and exhausted — and that this may have contributed to the group’s targeting of conservative organizations. Obviously, she rejected the notion.

“The overworked excuse ought to explain why they were rubber stamping everything, not why they were going into overdrive and doing more work — and harassing Tea Party groups — and asking whom they pray to and what their tweets are,” she said, sarcastically adding, “They’re saying, ‘we worked really hard to harass Tea Partiers, because we were overworked.'”

The conservative commentator also mentioned True the Vote, an organization that has filed a lawsuit against the IRS and that, by Coulter’s account, was also targeted by the FBI and ATF.

“There’s only one person who’s the boss of all those organizations and the Congress better find out — they need to prosecute these low-level individuals in order to get to where it came from,” she added.

Coulter dubbed the collective of controversies as a “disaster,” urging Republicans to wait until after the dust settles on the recent tornado in Oklahoma. Considering her view that the media have not covered the controversies extensively, she touted waiting until next week to push the issues as a viable way to ensure that the scandals are given more coverage.

As for the administration, Coulter sees potential problems ahead.

“Unless you’re going to get the Cincinnati office to take the fall for Benghazi, IRS, ATF and now the investigation of Fox News, I think you’re going to work your way up the chain,” she added of the quest to find out who is responsible for these controversies.

Watch the segment, below: