Pic Goes Viral: Dog ‘Standing Guard’ Over Dead Body After Tornado

This dog was initially spotted standing guard near a dead body thought to be its owner. The dog was going to be adopted by a deputy but a woman later identified it as her brother’s, who is alive. (Photo: Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office)

Many people might have lost pets in Monday’s deadly tornado that ripped through Oklahoma City’s metropolitan area, but this dog’s owner was thought to be among the 24 people who were killed in the storm.

The story behind the viral picture of the dog, which was tweeted by the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office, is that it was standing guard over what was thought to be its owner’s dead body. This didn’t turn out to be the case though, and thanks to social media, the dog and its owner who is alive were reportedly reunited.

According to the tweet, the dog was originally taken to a shelter and a deputy was expected to adopt it.

In a Facebook post about the dog, the sheriff’s office wrote “man’s best friend to the end.”

In the post’s comments though a woman claimed the dog’s owner was her brother who is actually alive.

“Please don’t adopt Susie Collins. She is my brother Curtis’ dog and he is alive and the only reason he is not well is that he is looking for Susie,” Sheila Collins wrote.

The sheriff’s office responded saying they would be in contact with her, wishing to make sure the dog got back to its family.

Sheila Collins later wrote that Susie was picked up by her brother who is “very happy now.”

“The deputy sheriff said that she was quite a way from Curtis’s house. Wonder if she took a ride in the tornado?? Sweet baby is safe now,” Sheila Collins said.

This isn’t the first story involving a dog to come out of the tornado tragedy. To the surprise and touching relief of an older woman talking about the tornado during a media interview, her small dog emerged from the rubble. Others are taking to a Facebook group to post photos of lost and found pets.

(H/T: Huffington Post)