‘Put Your Face in the Dirt’: Handgun-Wielding Woman Bravely Confronts Man Trying to Break Into Her Home

“I said, ‘Get on the ground.’ and he got on his knees. I said, ‘no, put your face in the dirt and you’re gonna stay there.'”

Betty Collins demonstrates how she defended her home against a would-be intruder late last week. (Image: WTVG screenshot)

These are the words of a Toledo woman recalling what she said to a would-be intruder at her home last week as she pointed a handgun at him in self defense.

According to WTVG, Betty Collins said for two nights prior someone had stolen items from her car and last Thursday a shirtless suspect was trying to enter her home.

“I screamed as loud as I could, ‘get off my porch. I have a gun. I will shoot you.’ And he stayed at the door,” Collins told WTVG. “I’m like, ‘Get off my porch. I have a gun. I will shoot you.’ He didn’t move, so I opened the door and there he was standing 5 inches from the barrel of a loaded .357.”

Then the man obeyed.

Watch WTVG’s report with Collins demonstrating what happened:

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Toledo police were called and arrested the suspect who was identified as 31-year-old Kyle Caldwell from Temperance, Michigan.

Collins received a warning call from her boyfriend about a suspicious man in the area as he was heading to work that morning. This put Collins on alert to be ready to defend her home.

“That’s what the second amendment’s for. I’m going to continue to protect my home,” Collins said of her actions. It’s also worth noting that Collins is working toward getting her Ph.D. in criminal justice.