A Montana man returned home on Wednesday afternoon to find a burglar inside his home. The homeowner, also a gun owner, was able to retrieve one of his firearms and shoot the intruder once in the chest.

That one shot proved to be fatal.

Lewis & Clark County Sheriff’s investigators say the alleged burglar may have burglarized two additional homes in the area before the was killed, KXLH-TV reports.

The incident occurred at around 2:40 p.m. on Wednesday. Police received a 911 call from the homeowner who informed the dispatcher that he had just shot a home intruder who was trying to burglarize his home.

After being shot once in the chest, the homeowner says the intruder broke through a window in a desperate bid to escape the armed man. He managed to make it to his getaway car but drove into a chain link fence. He died in the car from his injuries, police said.

Montana Man Shoots, Kills Burglar Who Broke Into His Home


“The homeowner is not injured, and it’s unknown as to whether or not the intruder had a firearm or any type of weapon on his person at the time of the confrontation,” said Captain Jason Grimmis of the Lewis & Clark County Sheriff’s Department.

Detectives found evidence that may tie the deceased intruder to additional burglaries.


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