Beck: What If Obama Admin. Isn’t Lying About the Scandals?

U.S. President Barack Obama speaks at the National Defense University May 23, 2013 in Washington, DC. (Photo: Getty Images)

On his Thursday night television program, Glenn Beck took a different approach to the scandals currently facing the Obama administration: let’s take our leaders at their word.

Few on the right believe the administration’s ever-changing stories regarding Benghazi, the IRS targeting conservatives, and the DOJ seizing the phone records of reporters. The struggle has been to elicit more information to fill in the gaps, or determine who was lying and when.

But Beck said that tonight, for the sake of covering all the bases, we should analyze the ramifications of if the president and his top officials are actually telling the truth.

Would it make you feel more, or less safe?

“The mantra of this administration in the face of the scandals has been the same: We don’t know, we just don’t know,” Beck said, playing a montage of the president, Attorney General Eric Holder, and others.

The only possible explanation if they are telling the truth, Beck said, is that President Obama is “completely disengaged and out of the loop.”

“That would mean he is not in charge of what is happening in the agencies that answer to him.  If that is true, are you comfortable with it?” he asked.  “Why is he so uninformed and out of touch?  How could he possibly effectively govern if he is that far removed? …If he is not the one being informed and updated and steering the ship, who is?  Is there anyone?”

Beck proceeded to analyze Benghazi, the DOJ seizing the records of reporters, and Operation Fast and Furious.

“…And the president of the United States had no clue?” Beck said.  “None? …If the president is not informed on national security threats like this, what else is he not being informed on?  How can he give a speech [on counter-terrorism] like he did today?  By his own admission, he’s not being brought into the loop.”

After covering all the scandals in more detail, Beck summarized: “This is the scenario the administration wants you to believe, it’s just been condensed.  It’s a scenario where, through their incompetence and indifference, Americans suffer and then when they find out about it, they vow to get to the bottom of it.  But have they gotten to the bottom of any of these yet?”

“If this is the story they want you to believe, it is so bad it begs one more question,” Beck concluded. “How bad is the truth?”

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