Did Morgan Freeman Fall Asleep During a Live TV Interview?

Promoting a movie can be exhausting work. Just ask oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman. The 75-year-old star appears to actually fall asleep during a live television interview with Seattle’s Fox TV station Q13.

Freeman and his co-star Michael Caine were in the middle of a “press junket” – a back-to-back-to-back series of interviews – in support of their new movie, “Now You See Me.”  What happens in a press junket? The stars are planted in a studio and typically are connected to stations via satellite one after another. If you watch closely, it looks like Freeman dozes off for a few seconds.

Did Morgan Freeman fall asleep on camera?
Oscar winning actor Morgan Freeman falls asleep on camera. Image: Q13 / Seattle

At the very end of the interview, Michael Caine — thinking the press tour had been completed — makes a comment about this being “the last one.” If that was the case, it is likely that the two had been sitting in those chairs for a couple of hours, answering the same questions and delivering the same talking points about their movie, over and over and over.

Watch closely.

You can watch the full interview with A13 News’ Kaci Anderson and Bill Wixley here.

Here’s the official trailer for “Now You See Me” – opening in theaters on May 31.

So, do you think Freeman feel asleep, or was he just lost in deep thought?