London’s Brutal Attack and the Changing Face of Terrorism

Former FBI counter-terror investigator and special agent Tim Clemente joined ‘Real News‘ Thursday to discuss yesterday’s terrorist act in London and the changing face of terrorism.

It was revealed Thursday that the Islamic radical attackers who nearly decapitated and hacked to death an off-duty British soldier in London Wednesday were both British born. Before the terrorists were shot by police, they were caught speaking into a camera-phone wielding bloody knives.  In addition to the two suspects who were hospitalized after being shot by police, the Associated Press reports that authorities said they had arrested a man and a woman, both 29, on suspicion of conspiracy to murder.

The two butchering suspects had been featured in previous investigations by security services, a British official told the AP Thursday.

On TheBlaze TV Thursday the panel discussed what happened in London and the notion of ‘soft target’ attacks. Watch a clip below: