NRA Patriot Profile: The Touching Story of a SEAL and His Dog

(Photo via NRA Life of Duty)

Roughly three months ago, the National Rifle Association released a trailer for an upcoming short film called “Frog Dog.”  Presented by Brownells Patriot Profiles and sponsored by Smith & Wesson, the video follows the incredible life of former Navy SEAL Trevor Marshek and his dog, who have stood together in combat and at home.

The video’s description on the NRA website reads:

Some SEALs carry ladders, comm gear, breaching tools, explosives and other various kit items specific to the specialty they bring to the fight. Whether Trevor Marshek was rappelling off a cliff, parachuting off the back of a plane, or scaling a wall, his special piece of kit came in the form of a 110-lb. dog with 2″ canines. Many warriors go their separate ways after war, but Trevor brought his buddy home with him.

The fascinating video begins with an account of how a trouble-making surfer/bartender found himself with an irrepressible urge to serve the country after 9/11.  While his brother joined the Air Force, Marshek became a Navy SEAL.

He ended up with his dog, Chopper, by chance.  Marshek was told that a dog program was being started and was basically instructed, he said, to “Go get some dogs and introduce it to the SEAL teams.”

For himself, Marshek chose the “scariest” dog he’d ever seen.

What happened next not only changed (and many times, saved) Marshek’s life, but the lives of some of his teammates, as well.

Here is the trailer for the film:

And here is the full, 20-minute “Frog Dog” video:



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