9NEWSAUSTRALIA Anchors Discover Hot Pies are Hot

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Karl Stefanovic, the host of Australia’s “Today” show, is famous for regularly pranking his co-hosts and chasing after bizarre and entertaining gimmicks. And it’s a winning strategy — the show’s ratings prove it.

However, in their attempt to amuse their TV audience, Stefanovic and his co-host Ben Fordham every now and then take on more than they can handle.

“[T]his week [they] were challenged to eat a meat pie billed as ‘the world’s hottest,’” MSN reports. “Karl, boasting he’s already eaten the world’s hottest curry and world’s hottest chili, laughed off the challenge — until he bit into the pie.”

About a minute in to the challenge, the pies start to have a deeply unsettling affect on both Stefanovic and Fordham.

But, hey, it’s what you do for ratings:

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