Meet ‘Thong Cape Scooter Man’…Though You May Regret It


There is nothing illegal about riding a scooter through Madison, Wis., wearing nothing but a thong, helmet and black cape, police determined.

That was after a local celebrity in Madison, known as “Thong Cape Scooter Man,” set off some alarms by riding past John F. Kennedy Elementary School practically naked on May 16.

After receiving some calls from concerned residents, police questioned the 56-year-old man and determined he had done nothing illegal.

“He said he exercised poor judgment by going by the school at that time of day, it was unintentional and he just happened to be traveling through the area,” police spokesman Joel DeSpain said.

“The sergeant told the school staff Thong Cape Scooter Man was free to ride on,” he added.

He may not be breaking the law, but he should probably put on some pants for the children’s sake.

If you’re brave, you can watch video of Thong Cape Scooter Man in action below (Obvious man in thong riding on a scooter warning):


(H/T: Gawker)