‘My Life Is Full of Blessings’: Flesh-Eating Bacteria Victim Who Lost All Limbs Smiles as She Shows Off New Bionic Hands

Aimee Copeland contracted a flesh-eating virus that required the amputation of both her arms and both her legs.

Such a tragedy would be more than most of us could take.

Yet she says her life is “full of blessings.”

>Flesh-eating bacteria victim, Aimee Copeland, all smiles with her new bionic hands. (Credit: YouTube)

TheBlaze reported last week that Copeland, 24, who has been getting used to her new life since the zip-lining accident last summer, is getting a little help from a new pair of prosthetic hands, becoming the first woman in the world with both upper limbs amputated to use iLimb technology, according to WXIA-TV.

Flesh-eating bacteria victim, Aimee Copeland, getting on with life aided by new bionic hands. (Credit: YouTube)

Through it all, she says the secret is “focusing on the small stuff” and being thankful for what she has.

Flesh-eating bacteria victim, Aimee Copeland, gets instructions on her new bionic hands. (Credit: YouTube) 

Check out the inspiring report below via CNN: