Affordable ‘Tactical Rifle Adapter’ Gives Real-Time Ballistics and Shooter Point-of-View Video

A new “tactical rifle adapter” hitting the market in June aims to give shooters real-time ballistics and environmental data, while also allowing them to take hands-free, point-of-view video.

Jason Giddings is a firearm enthusiast by hobby and an engineer by trade. So when he wanted to take video footage of some of his shooting endeavors and found it difficult — as one would imagine — to hold both his iPhone and gun at the same time, he came up with a solution.

Within just a few weeks Inteliscope, which combines a mount and app, was born.

inteliscope mount and app
The Inteliscope system uses a smartphone mount and app. Currently it is only available for iPhone and iPod, but an Android version is being developed. (Image: Inteliscope)

The Inteliscope system allows users to shoot video from the rifleman’s perspective with a digital zoom of up to five times the usual distance at a resolution that Giddings said is an improvement upon most smartphones’ quality.

Here’s a video from the onboard telescope:

Here are some of the other features built into the app:

  • Ballistics and Firearm Data
  • Built-in Compass
  • GPS Position
  • Local Prevailing Winds
  • Shot Timer
  • Flashlight and Strobe using Built-in LED

What’s more, he pointed out the system comes with a set of customizable crosshair options since “everyone has their own preference in scopes.”

inteliscope mount and app
A look through the screen running the app with one of the crosshair options. (Image: Inteliscope)
inteliscope mount and app
The smartphone can be positioned in different locations and directions on the firearm with the mount. (Image: Inteliscope)

“One thing folks are getting really excited about is the ability to shoot around the corner,” Giddings said, explaining that the screen would display the target while the firearm was held around the corner. “It will let you not be in the line of fire from a bad guy on the other side.”

Here’s the look at the beta version’s features:

Although some of the capabilities of the Inteliscope app are similar to those in the TrackingPoint system, a “smart rifle” that claims to make it nearly impossible to miss a shot and has gotten a lot of media attention of late, Giddings said his system is a little less advanced but much more affordable.

The TrackingPoint system costs thousands of dollars, while Intelliscope retails for $69.99.

“We are trying to build an inexpensive device so that everyone can have access to it,” Giddings said, noting it isn’t intended to compete with TrackingPoint, which is a whole rifle system, including the firearm, that is designed for shooting at a further distance.

Even Giddings said he would like to have a TrackingPoint system, calling it “amazing,” but that it just isn’t feasible for everyone.

“Our system is intended for tactical shooting,” he said. “[TrackingPoint] has a very niche following.”

inteliscope mount and app
(Image: Inteliscope)

Taking only about seven weeks from the idea’s conception to sending out the first generation of the products beginning in June, Gidding’s said he was able to move so quickly with the technology due to his established engineering company and other contacts he had in the software field already.

Giddings said he anticipates a software update once a month to continue improving the technology and user experience. He added they have already begun development of a mount with built-in shock absorbers for use on rifles that are more than .308 in size — the traditional smartphone mount is good for smaller rifles.

Although only available for iPhone and iPod at this time, Inteliscope is working on an Android version due to demand and expects to have it ready within a month.

The system can be used on any firearm with a Picatinny (Mil-STD-1913) or Weaver tactical rail.

Check out more about the Intelliscope system on its website.