Author Stephen King’s Pro-God Response to Atheists and Non-Believers (Plus: See What He Said About ‘Intelligent Design’)

Author Stephen King believes in God — and he also thinks that the universe is built in a such an organized manner that the notion of “intelligent design” is wholly supportable.

King, known for penning thrillers and horror books that both entertain and create intrigue in the minds of readers, made these comments during a recent interview with NPR. Considering the writer’s prominence, his views on God and intelligent design are noteworthy.

Novelist Stephen King holds a Jack Kerouac bobble-head he received as a gift after speaking to creative writing students at the University of Massachusetts-Lowell in Lowell, Mass., Friday, Dec. 7, 2012. Credit: AP

So, what did he say, exactly?

During the exchange, King had some interesting words for atheists and those who are unsure about the existence of a higher power. In particular, he charged that these individuals miss all of the signs that overwhelmingly point to structure.

“I choose to believe it. … I mean, there’s no downside to that. If you say, ‘Well, OK, I don’t believe in God, there’s no evidence of God,’ then you’re missing the stars in the sky and you’re missing the sunrises and sunsets and you’re missing the fact that bees pollinate all these crops and keep us alive and the way that everything seems to work together,” he said.

All of these structures, he noted, suggest that the world was built by a higher power — a figure who organized everything and structured it accordingly.

“Everything is sort of built in a way that to me suggests intelligent design,” King added.

Novelist Stephen King listens to a question from a creative writing student at the University of Massachusetts-Lowell in Lowell, Mass., Friday, Dec. 7, 2012. Credit: AP

Despite his claim that non-believers may be missing these signs, the famed author also noted that there are some moments in life that cause one to doubt God’s plan — happenings and occurrences that leave some wondering about the nature of “the big guy’s personality.”

Despite his belief, King noted that he, too, has his doubts and that his views on faith are fluid.

“And the thing is — I may have told you last time that I believe in God — what I’m saying now is I choose to believe in God, but I have serious doubts and I refuse to be pinned down to something that I said 10 or 12 years ago,” he said. “I’m totally inconsistent.”

Listen to King’s interview about God and intelligent design over at NPR. This isn’t the first time that King’s penchant for a belief in a higher power has been discussed. In fact, in the past, some experts have posited that many of his books invoke heavily-theological themes.

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