Massachusetts Governor Reveals He Got Wasted After the Boston Manhunt Finally Ended

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, at podium, speaks during a news conference, after the arrest of a suspect of the Boston Marathon bombings in Watertown, Mass. , Friday, April 19, 2013. (AP)

Bombed. Tanked. Trashed.

Call it what you want — Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick is revealing he got “quite drunk” the day after the manhunt for the Boston Marathon bombing suspect finally ended.

“I went to a local restaurant … for supper by myself with a book,” Patrick said, according to The Boston Herald. “And I sat in the corner and Maggie, who runs the (restaurant), asked, ‘Do you want to be near people or away from people?’ I said, ‘As far away as I can.’ So she put in the corner, me and my book on my iPad, and she starts bringing me things. Some of them edible. In fact all the food was edible. She starts bringing me things to drink as a celebration. And by the end of the meal, I was actually quite drunk, by myself.”

But Maggie Merelle, co-owner of the restaurant Rouge, located in West Stockbridge, Mass., told the Herald she had no idea the governor was inebriated.

“He wasn’t tipsy. I never would have known,” she told the newspaper, adding that Patrick dined on duck confit, french fries, soup, salad and a “glass of chardonnay or two.”

She said she felt “like an old Jewish mother feeding him” and recalled, “we just wanted to nourish him” after the week’s events.

Patrick also said he left that night without paying his tab.

“I realized I had no money with me,” he said. “So I called her over, and I said to Maggie: ‘I really appreciate it. I’m very relaxed.’ And I also have no money. Can I bring it down tomorrow or something?’ ”

Merelle said the governor “definitely” settled up.