Did an ACLU Video From 2006 Predict The NSA Privacy Invasion?

ACLU LogoDid the ACLU predict the surveillance state that we now know exists across America?

In 2006 the ACLU posted a video warning people about the coming threat to personal privacy. The clip, called “Ordering A Pizza In 2015,” made some very strong points, supported by the ACLU’s official statement:

We are facing a flood of powerful new technologies that expand the potential for centralized monitoring, an executive branch aggressively seeking new powers to spy on citizens, a docile Congress and courts, as well as a cadre of mega-corporations that are willing to become extensions of the surveillance state. We confront the possibility of a dark future where our every move, our every transaction, our every communication is recorded, compiled, and stored away, ready for access by the authorities whenever they want.

The 2:12 minute video appears predict a broad intrusion into our personal lives triggered by something as basic as calling a local pizza delivery joint. (In this case it is the fictitious Pizza Palace.)

When the call comes into the pizza joint, based solely on the phone number from the caller, a myriad of information appears and is available, starting with the home address and work address of the caller. However, the video predicts that a citizen’s internet purchases and health records could be available for review by a complete stranger.

ACLU pizza order

Back to our pizza order. After placing his order, the caller is faced with an additional charge based on his health.

ACLU Ordering a pizza video

When the hungry man asks about the reason for the added charge, the caller is told that his high blood pressure and the fact that he wants a “double meat” pizza are problems. He can order the pizza, but must electronically approve the waiver and pay the additional $20.

ACLU Pizza and Health records

When the caller objects to the high cost, the pizza worker counters with his recent purchase of a trip to Hawaii that costs almost $1,000.

Health data on ACLU video

The travel is shown to be discounted and the pizza worker realizes that she needs to take a different route to help reduce the cost of the pizza. She informs the man that he can save $37 dollars by switching from the “double meat” pie to a veggie pizza with free tofu breadsticks, and by picking up the pizza himself (there’s a crime surcharge added because of problems in his neighborhood).

ACLU predicts pizza ordering will be a problem

 TheBlaze has reached out to the ACLU for comments on the video and how accurate it appears to have been. When we hear back from them, the story will be updated.

Watch the entire video here.

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