Meet the Smiling Deadbeat Dad to 22 Kids by 14 Women Who Tennessee Taxpayers Help Support

Orlando Shaw, 33, confesses he wanted 50 kids back in the day.

But he’s had his fill apparently and wants to stop, nearly halfway to his original goal.

“I don’t want no more,” he told WTVF-TV in Nashville. “I want to be fixed.”

(Credit: YouTube)

That’s likely music to the ears of the state of Tennessee, which has to kick in more than $7,500 a month to help support the 20-plus Shaw kids who now populate the landscape since he can’t afford the monthly payments to their 14 mothers. (WTVF-TV reports that his children range in age from twin infants to an 18 year old.)

(Credit: YouTube)

So, the big question…why did Shaw do it? Was contraception not an option?

“I was young and ambitious and I love women,” he said, smiling and passionate, snickering onlookers heard off-camera. “You can’t knock no man for loving women.”

Shaw also proudly declared that “the ladies love me. They don’t like me; they love me.”

(Credit: YouTube)

As for the future, Shaw seems hopeful. “The Shaw legacy lives on,” he said. “My family will stay strong. I’ll make sure we’ll be here for years and years to come.”

Here’s Shaw chatting with a reporter outside a courtroom, explaining how, among other things, he kept such a diligently filled social calendar over the last two decades: