Shep Smith Goes Off on Gov’t Spying Latest: ‘I Knew Privacy Was Dead and Now It’s Confirmed!’

Image source: Fox News Channel

Fox News’ Shepard Smith went on a tear Friday over the latest revelations in the federal government’s collecting of personal data, shouting at one point, “I knew privacy was dead and now it’s confirmed!”

After President Barack Obama defended the practice as necessary in the fight against terrorism while assuring that the government isn’t “listening to your phone calls,” Smith declared, “We’re just supposed to hear it, believe it, and move on with our day! That’s it, have a nice one good! Nothing to see here, keep moving, keep moving.”

Speaking with “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace, Smith said later, “I knew privacy was dead and now it’s confirmed! Fox News confirmed it first — there is no more privacy, it’s over.”

He also cautioned, “whatever you wear around the bedroom, just figure everyone is looking at you.”

When Wallace wanted to preview his guests for Sunday’s show, Smith said he’d be watching.

“I can just watch through the phone with the government,” he said.

“You’re in a mood,” Wallace observed.

Smith, who got similarly wound up on the subject Thursday, also wondered “when we’re getting minders” like in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, Cuba or China.

Wallace said anytime Smith wants to trade his freedoms for those in China, he’s welcome.

“I’d like a minder,’ Smith mused. “And a Sherpa.”