TheBlaze TV’s Saturday Night Comedy Block

Saturday nights on TheBlaze TV are filled with laughter.

Starting at 10pm ET (and always on-demand to subscribers), The Wonderful World of Stu “brings the funny”–but also makes liberal use of hard facts to back up the barbs. This week, the Glenn Beck Show’s “Jeffy” dons a fat suit and makes a special appearance as New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

Chris Christie's eHarmonee profile

The clever clip focuses on the roots of the “bromance” between Christie and Obama. Watch it here:

After The Wonderful World of Stu, the laughs keep coming with The B.S. of A. hosted by TheBlaze TV’s Chief Humorist Brian Sack, who’s been charged with staying “objective, rational, and witty.” And this show delivers on that mandate.

The B.S. of A. crew sent us a sneak preview of a sketch about what it’s like to try and buy cigarettes in Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s New York City. The piece is called “Hot for Smokes”:

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