Watch Dana Loesch Take the Obama Administration to Task Over IRS Scandal

Filling in for Glenn Beck on TheBlaze TV Friday, conservative radio host Dana Loesch took the Obama administration to task over the multiplying scandals that continue to haunt the residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Focusing on the IRS political targeting scandal, Loesch argued the administration is using its federal authority to put a “boot on the neck” of its political opponents.

“[Tea Party Leaders] were ideologically profiled by a weaponized taxpayer-funded entity of the United States government,” Loesch said, referring to the IRS. The tax agency knowingly targeted any group for identifying itself as conservative or “heaven forbid — patriotic,” she added.

Dana Loesch (TheBlaze TV)

She ripped Rep. Jim McDermott (D-Wash.) for blaming Tea Party groups after they were unfairly targeted by the IRS and also Rep. Jose Serrano (D-N.Y.) for suggesting the problem is that the agency needs even more money from taxpayers.

“According to Representative Jim McDermott, it’s all our fault,” the fiery host said sarcastically.

Loesch painted an incriminating picture, comparing the treatment she received when she tried to organize a rally to that of the Occupy movement, which has a clear history of violence and general nastiness.

“We had to jump through elevendy-thousand hoops or else the city would shut down our demonstrations they promised,” she said. “Yet we dutifully followed the law, because that’s what we do…because we’ve grown to fear the very people we employ, whose salaries we pay.”

“I am tired of following the law when those who in charge of enforcing said law have less respect for it than I do,” she added.

In contrast, she went on to note that organizers with the Occupy movement were offered a free permit during one of their demonstrations.

Loesch also came to the defense of fired KMOV-TV reporter Larry Conners, whose Facebook post about the IRS potentially targeting him after grilling President Obama in a tough interview led to his termination.

Then she dropped a surprising “fun fact”: The parent company of KMOV-TV, the Belo Corporation, said goodbye to director Luis Caldera after he announced he was going to work for the Obama administration.

Could just be a coincidence…

Watch Loesch’s entire monologue via TheBlaze TV below:

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