Glenn Beck’s Passionate Defense of NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden: ‘He Has Issued Himself a Death Warrant’

Glenn Beck on his radio show Monday passionately defended Edward Snowden, the NSA whistleblower who leaked explosive classified information on the federal government’s massive surveillance programs.

“At least what he is doing is an act of heroism,” Beck said of Snowden. “What he is doing, coming out and speaking to the press, he has issued himself a death warrant.”

“He’s at least lost his life, and he may have his life taken from him,” he added.

(TheBlaze TV)

Beck called Snowden’s actions “the first act of real heroism that we have seen” regarding the actual scope of the NSA’s spying capabilities.

“If the American people, however, see that what he has done was right, we have a chance of changing things,” Beck said. “But I believe this is the last exit.”

Offering a bleak outlook for Snowden’s future, the conservative host said the whistleblower is “dead.”

“[The NSA has] absolutely everything. They have all of the levers. They can follow you in real-time,” Beck explained. “They’ve been tracking your purchases and your credit card activity, they’ve been capturing all of your phone conversations…they have your whole life.”

Watch the radio segment via TheBlaze TV:

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