Really Good News for NJ Mom Who Was Pressured to Turn in All Her Guns Following Tax Assembly Dispute

(Photo courtesy of the Hart family)

Eileen Hart, the New Jersey mother who was arrested and pressured to turn over her guns over a dispute at a local tax meeting has been ordered to pay a $100 fine for causing a disturbance. She will not be hit with any felony or misdemeanor charges, bringing an end to an ordeal the mother described as “hell on earth.

Further, a court has ordered police to return all of her firearms.

Hart, an orthodox Jew and mother of a 7-year-old daughter, told TheBlaze on Monday that she will be meeting with a defamation lawyer to prepare a lawsuit against the tax company representative that called the cops and accused her of making “terroristic threats.”

“I will be filing lawsuit against Andrew Colavecchio and Appraisal Systems, Inc. for slander and defamation of character, but I got my guns back,” she said.

Hart said she is suing to “regain my good name and reputation.” She also said the past few months have been “hell on earth.”

“I have to start all over again to restore my reputation. He ruined me,” Hart added. “[Colavecchio] said that I made ‘terroristic threats’ against him, he lied to the police and he filed false threats of terrorism.”

Hart told TheBlaze she plans to pick up her guns early Tuesday morning.

The incident in question occurred in March at the Gloucester Community Center where she, along with her husband and daughter, went to dispute a mandatory home re-evaluation that would roughly double her property value and increase her property taxes significantly.

After some arguing back and forth, Hart alleges that Colavecchio, of Appraisal Systems, Inc., advanced toward her as if he were going to grab her arm. Hart was order to leave the public forum and officials threatened to call the police.

After calling Colavecchio a “little pencil pusher,” Hart said he threatened to call 911 and ran after her in the parking lot “like a banshee.”

When she got home, her place was crawling with police cars. She was accused of “yelling and screaming” and threatening to return to the meeting with a gun.

Hart has maintained her innocence and previously told TheBlaze: “I did not use one curse word, I didn’t say the word gun, I didn’t swear, none of that. I aired my grievances in a public place to [tell] the government that I did not agree with what they were doing to me or to anybody else.”