Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli posted this photo of herself online standing at a men’s room urinal, along with a statement affirming her support of gay and transgender rights.

Supermodel Bar Refaeli Tweets Photo of Herself in Front of Urinal to Support Transgender Rights

Alongside the photo, she wrote on Facebook: “Gay, lesbians, bisexual, transgender ALL EQUAL TLV #gayweek.”

According to the Jerusalem Post, she also uploaded the photo to Instagram and tweeted it out, but inexplicably, the photo was later no longer visible via those avenues.

The unusual image of Leonardo diCaprio’s ex standing up against the urinal with her legs slightly parted inspired the ever-so-colorful British tabloid The Sun to go with this headline to its article: “Urine the wrong loos, Bar! Model wees in gents’ loos.”

Refaeli was in Israel on Friday where she took part in the finale of the huge Tel Aviv gay pride parade.

She also tweeted this photo from the vantage point of the stage showing the tens of thousands of participants in the event. “Tel Aviv #gayweek INSANE!!,” Refaeli tweeted.

Supermodel Bar Refaeli Tweets Photo of Herself in Front of Urinal to Support Transgender Rights

Bar Refaeli posted this photo of the massive crowd at Tel Aviv’s gay pride celebration. (Photo:

Israeli media report a record-breaking 100,000 Israelis and overseas visitors took part in the festivities.

U.S. Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro brought the crowd greetings from President Barack Obama.

“I bring warm, warm, warm greetings from President Obama and from Secretary of State Kerry and from the American people” he told the crowd in Hebrew, as seen in this video posted by the U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv.

“There’s no better place to celebrate than Tel Aviv,” Shapiro said, wearing a rainbow tee shirt that said “Pride” in Hebrew, English and Arabic.

“Human rights are gay rights and gay rights are human rights,” he added.

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