Who Is the Little Girl Blowing People Away with the National Anthem Before Miami Heat Games?

You may not remember the name from last year, but you will likely remember the voice.

The name? Julia Dale. The voice? Unbelievable. That’s because Dale is the 12-year-old who’s been blowing away fans before Miami Heat basketball games for the last couple years.

12-year-old Julia Dale sings the National Anthem before a Miami Heat game. (Source: ABC screen shot)

We first brought her to your attention during last year’s NBA finals. And with the Heat back in the finals this year, fans and viewers have been treated to her voice once again. ABC took notice, and published a quick interview with her. In it, she reveals that her love of singing started at age two while watching musicals such as “My Fair Lady.” From there, she blossomed.

“When I get to the word ‘free,’ I go into my high voice, which shows my range, and I really look forward to that part every time I sing it because I get a loud cheer at that moment,’’ Dale — who stars in local musical theater shows — told the Miami Herald in May. “Even though the anthem is really hard to sing because of its high range, I love it because it’s such a patriotic, powerful song and it makes me very proud.’’

Watch ABC’s mini profile of her, which includes one of her breathtaking performances:

And here’s a video of just her June 6, 2013, performance:

Since getting her first Anthem gig at age seven before a Miami Marlins game, Dale has performed before everything from a NASCAR race to a boxing match. But she has a special connection with the Heat: before this year’s finals started, they were a startling 18-2 when she opened the game with her singing.

Good things really do come in small packages.