‘Hollywood Hypocrites’: NRA News Video Hammers ‘Out of Touch’ Stars Battling Guns

“Celebrities provide us entertainment and escapism from the limitations of reality. But in real life, they’re still subject to reality, if barely,” NRA News contributor Colion Noir says in his latest video. In the three-minute video Noir blasts Hollywood for its stars taking a stand against guns while its product glorifies violence.

“These celebrities couldn’t be more out of touch with reality. And then the arrogance, it’s just overwhelming,” he says.

“No one’s saying celebrities can’t have an opinion,” he says later. “But hypocrisy is hypocrisy. Somehow our culture has given celebrities a pass on being hypocrites. These celebs literally utilize people with guns to protect themselves, but are trying to tell us we can’t use guns to protect ourselves. I wonder how many actors would stop acting in violent movies if it would save just one life?”

Take a look below: