The Scary Moment a Killer Whale Snatches a Fish Right from an Angler’s Line

If you’ve ever gone fishing, you know that moment when you’re about to pull the creature out of the water is one of the most exciting — and even the most frustrating. A group of anglers in Alaska know that all too well now, after video of their halibut trip being interrupted by a killer whale has gone viral.

The video was posted on The Alaska Life Facebook page on Saturday. It shows a man talking with his friends as he halls in one of Alaska’s most popular fish. But as he’s reeling the specimen in, he seems to be talking with his friends about another finned animal swimming in the area. Sure enough, seconds later a killer whale surfaces and snatches the fish right off the hook.

Here’s the video [content warning for language at the beginning of the clip]:

GrindTV wonders if the fisherman were intentionally trying to entice the orca. Either way, the footage is incredible.