The Picture of a Toddler Taped to a Wall That Is Sweeping Arabic Media

There’s a photo circulating in the Saudi social media showing a toddler gaffer taped to a wall. Later broadcast on Al Arabiya, the picture shows the child – who remarkably looks happy – secured to the wall by tape and an adult who appears to be pretending to sleep. At least eight strips of the silver-colored tape is holding the child under the arms, between the legs and across the chest.

The story is being widely discussed in the Arabic media.

All this is too much for Saudi Arabia’s Human Rights Commission which is calling the display a violation of the child’s human rights.

Toddler is seen taped to a wall in a photo drawing criticism in Saudi Arabia (Screenshot: Al Arabiya)
Man appears to be pretending to be asleep as toddler hangs by tape above him (Screenshot: Al Arabiya)

So far, there’s no word as to the names of those featured, where they are from or who posted the photo which the TheBlaze is unable to verify. We also don’t know the relationship between the toddler and the man.

Al Arabiya reports:

Saudi Arabia’s Human Rights Commission has urged citizens to cooperate with their search for the those behind the incident. The commission said the perpetrators should be punished for violating the child’s human rights.

Maatouq Al-Sharif, member of the commission, told Al Arabiya that “what happened to the child is violation of his right, and this is a criminal offense.” Sharif said people need to be “deterred” so scenarios like this won’t be repeated again.

“Such behavior has an impact on the child’s personality. This also promotes the culture of violence against children.”

Sharif told Al Arabiya that even though the child appears to be happy, “the child has no power to defend himself, and there is a penalty for such acts even if it isn’t known to Saudis that such deeds are punishable.”

“Parents do not own their children. Children have human rights,” he said.

The photo can be seen at the beginning of this Arabic segment on Al Arabiya:

(H/T: Al Arabiya)