Thursday in the U.S. Senate, debate over the Immigration Bill continued and Louisiana’s Mary Landrieu took to the well to speak in support of what she called a “smart fence.” During her presentation, Landrieu also singled out South Dakota Republican Senator John Thune for proposing that a fence be completed before any illegal alien is granted a path to citizenship.

Senator Landrieu Fails Geography

While calling Thune’s fence a “dumb fence” and claiming that the one she and Sen. McCain endorse would be a “smart fence,” the senator exposed an embarrassing lack of knowledge of U.S. geography when she said;

“A smart fence which is what Sen. McCain and I want to build — since he’s from Arizona, I think he knows more about this than the senator from South Dakota who doesn’t have a border with Mexico, but only Canada and that is quite different.”

Here’s a clip of her railing against the “dumb fence”:

And here’s the geography mistake:

Senator Landieu’s flawed knowledge of U.S. geography may have been predicted by a 2007 Miss Teen USA contestant who was asked why 1/5 of Americans can’t locate the country on a world map: