Megyn Kelly Slams CBS’ Scott Pelley Over Recent Anti-Cable News Comments: ‘Well, We Beat You…’

Megyn Kelly on Monday took a shot at CBS News’ Scott Pelley and his network over his recent comments downplaying Fox News Channel’s ratings and dismissing cable news in general.

Responding to Pelley’s assertion that not a lot of people watch cable news, Kelly reminded him how her network beat CBS in the ratings during both the presidential debates and election night.

Conservative columnist Michelle Malkin joined Kelly in criticizing a recent CBS News report that compared hardline candidates running in Iran’s presidential election to candidates related to the Tea Party in the U.S.

“It’s beyond outrageous. The problem isn’t so much bias in the media as it is the pretense of neutrality, and these people still don’t get it,” Malkin said.

Kelly and Malkin then focused on Pelley’s comments about cable news and took apart his claims.

Here’s what Pelley actually said in a recent interview with Deadline:

“They’ve decided to bite off one small part of the viewership and be happy with that 200,000 viewers, 300,000 viewers that they have. But when you are talking to 7 million viewers across the country, man you have got to represent everybody’s views and have got to give them the impression that you are being as honest as you know how to be.”

“Well, we beat you in all the debates and on election night, Scott,” Kelly responded.

Malkin then joked that “CBS News took the news out of CBS News a long time ago” and said the network is the “king of manufacturing news.”

Watch the segment via Fox News/Mediaite below:

(H/T: Mediaite)