Hot Mic Catches NSA, FBI Heads After House Hearing Talking About…Beer

A hot mic moment during Wednesday’s NSA hearing on Capitol Hill has at least one outlet wondering just how tough the questioning was after the NSA head and FBI deputy director were caught afterwards talking about beer.

The Atlantic Wire has a transcript of the conversation that happened between the NSA’s Keith Alexander and the FBI’s Sean Joyce:

Alexander: Thank you, Sean.

Joyce: Good to see you.


Joyce: Him?

Alexander: Yeah.

Joyce: Tell him to give it to me.

Alexander: (laughs) You want him to give it to you?

Joyce: Alright?

There is audio, although it requires careful listening (headphones might help):

The Atlantic Wire — not know for any type of conservative bias — took issue with the exchange because it believed the two officials received a fluff hearing, and cited the nonchalant exchange and demeanor after to prove it.

“If you were wondering how the NSA and FBI felt about the very friendly hearing the House Intelligence Committee invited them to today, a hot mic has your answer,” the outlet says, later adding: “After today’s performance, we’re pretty sure that either Rogers — or Obama — would be happy to buy a round for all three.”