Hannity and Coulter Excoriate Supporters of Contentious Immigration Bill: ‘Republicans Are Suckers’

The immigration debate is firing up talking heads on both sides of the aisle, as a contentious discussion about what to do with millions of illegals continues to rage.

Among those debating the issue last night were conservative commentator Ann Coulter and television and radio host Sean Hannity. Both went after Republicans, whom they believe are falling for a purportedly unpalatable immigration bill.

Coulter wasted no time in calling immigration “the most important issue facing our nation.” She was so intent on discussing the topic that, at the beginning of the interview, she attempted — successfully — to move on from chatting about Obama’s recent Catholic and Protestant schools gaffe (he recently said these educational facilities can cause “division” and “fear”).

As for the immigration debate, Coulter charged that Republicans aren’t thinking the issue through clearly and that they are using questionable tactics in discussing the matter.

“Whenever Republicans start pushing liberal ideas, they start engaging in liberal argumentation techniques — i.e. lying — coming up with silly arguments,” she said.

Hannity agreed with Coulter’s assessment, asking, “Doesn’t America have the right to be a sovereign country and secure its borders? Why is that controversial and why don’t you do that first?” Later in the interview, he also said that “Republicans are suckers,” because, when they collaborate with Democrats, the end result is a bill with few conservative-friendly ideals.

As for the Democrats’ motivation for seeking immigration reform, Coulter charged that they only want these provisions, because amnesty will “help them electorally.” Immigration, the commentator claims, shouldn’t be approached until the Senate is in Republican control.

Watch the exchange, below:

(H/T: Mediaite)

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