Sen. Ted Cruz Warns Border Security Won’t Happen Under Immigration Bill: ‘This Current Bill Is a Mess’

Despite the introduction of a so-called breakthrough border security amendment, Sen. Ted Cruz on Friday warned that the current bill is a “mess” and won’t result in a more secure borders.

He claims the immigration bill currently on the table makes the same hollow promises Congress made in 1986 with its amnesty legislation.

“This current bill is a mess,” Cruz told Fox News. “It is repeating the same failed pattern we saw in 1986. In 1986, Congress came to the American people and said, ‘we’re gonna grant amnesty to some three million people who are here illegally and in exchange, we’ll secure the borders. We’ll fix the problem so illegal immigration will go away.'”

“What happened was, the amnesty happened — three million people got amnesty — but the borders never got secured,” he added. “The problem got worse and worse. Today, instead of three million people, we are dealing 11 million people who are here illegally.”

Cruz said Congress is again vowing legalization first, and then “maybe someday in the future the border will be secured.”

In reality, the “overwhelming majority of Americans” want to see the border secured first and then create a plan to encourage legal immigration and “welcome legal immigrants,” he said.


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