Caught on Video: Squirrel vs. Snake in Backyard Brawl

A woman in Gold Canyon, Ariz., called 911 earlier this week to report a backyard brawl that had gotten out of control — between a feisty squirrel and a gopher snake.


By the time firefighters arrived, the two had been fighting for about a half hour and were showing no signs of letting up.

Watch some of the viral footage below:

Some YouTube users are criticizing the firefighters for not stopping the fight immediately.

“What the hell? Is this what people do for entertainment? Watch animals fight and then help the loser. Despite the fact that they can’t do s**t?” one user wrote.

“The are stupid stupid they’re really going to watch 2 animals fight ANC enjoying it they didn’t even try to stop it,” another wrote.

Firefighter Ryan Phillips told KPHO-TV that it was likely that the squirrel was protecting a nest nearby. It was Phillips who pulled out his smartphone and captured the primal fight on video, standing just feet away from the animals.

“Typically the ground squirrel is food for a snake so it was kind of interesting to see the tables turned a little bit,” Phillips added.

But firefighters did separate the the squirrel and snake.

Phillips said the round went to the squirrel. The snake was released into the wild with a few nicks, but firefighters said it looked like it would be OK.

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