‘F***er’: The Left Viciously Attacks Texas Gov. Rick Perry After He Calls Second Special Session for Abortion Bill Vote

Texas Gov. Rick Perry speaks to reporters at a restaurant in New York, Wednesday, June 19, 2013. Credit: AP

AUSTIN, Texas (TheBlaze/AP) — Gov. Rick Perry is calling for the Texas Legislature to meet in a second special session to pass restrictions on abortion. And abortion supporters on the left are not happy.

Perry ordered the Legislature to meet July 1 to begin 30 more days of work.

The first such effort died following a filibuster and rollicking late Tuesday night protest.

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The announcement gives Republicans another crack at passing sweeping anti-abortion rules that would ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy and requires that all procedures take place in a surgical center.

It passed the House, but died after Democratic Sen. Wendy Davis led a more than 12-hour filibuster effort. Hundreds of protesters then cheered, disrupting Senate proceedings as the session closed at midnight.

Perry can call as many 30-day extra sessions as he likes, but lawmakers can only take up those issues he assigns.

Perry’s move infuriated the left and they let everyone know it on Twitter Wednesday. It got ugly (Warning! Strong and hateful language):

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This story has been updated. Featured image via AP.