Liberal Pundit: Clarence Thomas Like ‘a Jew Who Sides with Hitler’ for Voting Rights Decision

Since the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to strike down a portion of the Voting Rights Act on Tuesday, Justice Clarence Thomas has taken a beating from the left for voting with the majority.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas at the Duquesne University School of Law on Tuesday April 9, 2013, in Pittsburgh.(Credit: AP)

Democratic state Rep. Ryan Winkler of Minnesota referred to the only African American on the high court as “Uncle Thomas” on Twitter; Winkler then offered what appeared to be an apology for employing the racist term.

Denver Post columnist and Democratic consultant Laura Chapin tweeted that Thomas is “self-loathing”; earlier she tweeted that he’s a “strange and angry man.”

Then there were Michael Eric Dyson’s comments to MSNBC’s Martin Bashir yesterday:

Michael Eric Dyson (Credit: MRC TV)

“Clarence Thomas’ actions here today, though consistent, though tragic to me, are even more so in light of the bulk of decisions he’s rendered in the name of a judicial vote on the Supreme Court. A symbolic Jew has invited a metaphoric Hitler to commit holocaust and genocide upon his own people.”

Here’s the clip:

Clearly Dyson’s comments about Thomas aren’t positive, but if you’re a bit confused by them, you’re not alone. One follower scratches his head; Dyson clears it up for him (and us):

(Credit: Twitter)

(H/T: Newsbusters)