GoPro and helmet-cam videos have shown us what it looks like to free fall 12,500 feet, to fly like a seagull, to be thrown from a motorcycle, to be a rugby referee, to ride in an extreme downhill racing event and more.

But a new compilation video pulls together segments from about 75 other YouTube and Vimeo videos showing how “Humans Are Awesome” (or crazy), all filmed using GoPro cameras.

“People Are Awesome, they are brilliant in comparison to all other living beings. Our abilities are amazing and somewhat out of this world,” reads the description of the YouTube video for the website Humans Are Awesome.



…race cars in the snow. (Image: YouTube screenshot)


…launch their snowmobiles off a cliff and then jump from said snowmobiles. (Image: YouTube screenshot)


…jump from planes. (Image: YouTube screenshot)


…jump from planes in large groups. (Image: YouTube screenshot)


…try to fly like sugar glider squirrels. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

Compilation of GoPro Videos Showing How Humans Are Awesome

…skateboard in pools. (Image: YouTube screenshot)


…do backflips off cliffs. (Image: YouTube screenshot)


… go surfing. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

Watch the about four minutes of humans showing off their skills:

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(H/T: Gizmodo)

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