Obama Supporters Asked Same Questions That Resulted in Infamous Beauty Pageant Answers, Hilarity Ensues

Conservative pundit Caleb Bonham this week conducted the first ever “Obama Beauty Pageant” on the streets of Denver — but it’s not what it sounds like.

Contestants in the “pageant,” who were all Obama supporters, were asked to answer two pageant questions that resulted in a pair of infamous responses from Miss South Carolina and Miss Utah.

Bonham even somehow got each respondent to wear a tiara that had “Obama supporter” written on it. He sent us a photo of the actual Obama tiara worn by everyone in the video:

Credit: Caleb Bonham
(YouTube/Caleb Bonham)
(YouTube/Caleb Bonham)
(YouTube/Caleb Bonham)
(YouTube/Caleb Bonham)

“Were Obama supporters able to give more coherent responses?” Bonham asks in the video’s description.

Find out:

Now go back and watch the two beauty pageant responses that inspired that video — People will certainly be mocking these answers for years to come.

First, Miss (Teen) South Carolina:

Now, Miss Utah:

So out of all the respondents, who wins first place?