Scarborough Highlights Hypocrisy in Abortion Filibuster Coverage: Liberal Protesters Get Praise, But Conservatives Are Deemed an ‘Angry, Unruly Mob’

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough has been criticized for advancing what some believe are non-conservative ideals. But on Thursday morning, he went on-air and defended those on the right against the disparity that exists between the treatment and labeling of conservative and liberal protesters.

Specifically discussing the abortion issue and Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis’ much-covered abortion bill filibuster, Scarborough charged that, had the pro-choicers who stormed the capitol actually been conservative pro-lifers, they would have been dismissed as an “angry mob.”

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The start of the interview, Mediaite notes, focused upon America’s changing demographics on the abortion issue. Just as the nation has become more accepting of gay marriage, on the abortion front, polls seem to show the public also moving in a more pro-life direction. Scarborough pushed the issue with Democratic strategist James Carville, who seemed to hedge and avoid admitting that the host was correct in his analysis.

Then, conversation shifted to Davis and the liberal crowd that helped her block the Texas abortion bill. While MSNBC contributor Jonathan Capehart said that the boisterous cohort was representative of “democracy in action,” Scarborough made an intriguing point.

“I wonder what everybody would be saying on this network and others if those were all pro-life people running up the hill, following Michele Bachmann or — I’m just curious,” Scarborough said to the group. “Would that be democracy in action or would it be an angry mob?”

Interestingly, no one seemed to fight back against his assertion, with some, in fact, agreeing that it would, indeed, be seen as an angry mob.

“When it’s conservatives doing this, they’re an angry, unruly mob — and when its liberals doing it, it’s democracy in action,” the “Morning Joe” host added.

Watch the segment, below:

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