Cool Time Lapse: Teacher Wears Same Outfit for School Picture Day for Last 40 Years!

“Picture Day” at school. It’s a concept that most of us can easily grasp. It was the one day that everyone in school had to stand in line, step in front of the photographer’s background and pose for either a class picture or an individual shot to memorialize that year in your education. Even the teachers had to take part.

One teacher from Richardson, Texas (near Dallas), took the annual picture day tradition to a new level by wearing the exact same outfit every year for the past 40 years. You read that correctly — he’s been wearing the exact same outfit for the school picture for 40 years!

The teacher, veteran educator Dale Irby, has just retired from teaching and this montage showing his yearly school photos has just started to go viral.

The 63-year old Irby says it was all an accident. He told the Dallas Morning News, “I was so embarrassed when I got the school pictures back that second year and realized I had worn the very same thing as the first year.” Dale’s wife dared him to do it again for a third time and that started the ball rolling towards the 40 year tradition.

Teacher wears same shirt picture day
Image: Dallas Morning News

Dale and his wife Cathy (also a teacher) retired this past year and are planning on sleeping later, eating their lunches at a more leisurely pace (school teachers typically have just 20-30 minutes to eat their lunch) and do a little traveling.

Same shirt and sweater vest 40 years later
Image: Dallas Morning News

What about the disco-era shirt and sweater vest combo that adorned four decades of picture day photos? It has been retired too – to the back of Dale’s closet.

Watch the time-lapse below:

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