This Awesome Fourth of July Video Will Make You Really Proud to Be an American

Though nearly all of his videos are humorous and edgy, conservative comedian Steven Crowder took a drastically different approach with his latest video about the Fourth of July and America’s culture.

“Too many people out there bash our great country, and too many people who are proud of the United States feel the simultaneous need to apologize for it,” Crowder told TheBlaze. “Stating the obvious – in that America is awesome – should be non-political, non-toxic and uncontroversial. This video was designed to remind all of us just how blessed we are to live in the greatest country the planet has ever known. Bar none.”

In the new video, Crowder focuses on the “unique” and “beautiful” culture that makes the United States the greatest nation in the world. There are no jokes. There is no punchline.


“People come from all different places, from all different cultures and bring the best of it with them while leaving all the baggage behind as they become an American,” Crowder says in the video.

“The United States is not a place based on a people or an origin. It’s not a place defined by its geography or borders. America is a country founded on an ideal, an ideal that attracts people from all different cultures to this day. The ideal that all men were created free and equal with inalienable rights as endowed to us by our creator.”

Watch the patriotic video below, courtesy of Crowder: