FBI Offers $10K Reward to Find Evil Monster Who Abducted This Precious 6-Year-Old Girl, Stripped Her Naked, Bound Her Hands and Dumped Her Body

Alanna Gallagher (Credit: Facebook)

Kids found her body wrapped in a tarp by the side of a neighborhood road.

Her hands and feet were bound.

A plastic bag was over her head.

She was wearing only purple underwear, KDFW-TV reported.

Amanda Gallagher—called by those who knew her “a precious little girl” and a “bubbly and always happy” kindergarten student—had just celebrated her sixth birthday on June 12, less than three weeks before she was murdered, KTVT-TV said.

The FBI is offering $10,000 for information leading to an arrest in the unsolved case.

Police in Saganaw, Texas., a suburb of Dallas-Ft. Worth, don’t consider anyone in Gallagher’s family a suspect, KTVT-TV reported. Neighbors said Gallagher’s father, Karl, was going door-to-door looking for Alanna on Monday night, the same time frame when he and her mother reported Alanna missing, KDFW-TV noted. But her body had been found around 7:30 p.m. about a mile from her house.

(Credit: KDFW-TV)

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Saginaw police requested the FBI assist in their investigation. A FBI Evidence Response Team collected evidence and took photographs of the crime scene early Tuesday morning.

According to a FBI receipt of seized evidence, federal agents took a blue-gray tarp, electrical tape, and Wal-Mart plastic bags from a car registered to the victim’s parents. The car is parked on the street in front of where the 6-year-old victim lived. Agents also searched the girl’s home, where she lived with two siblings, her parents and another man.

The girl’s uncle told NBC 5 that his niece’s family had recently gone on a camping trip.

An informal memorial emerged on the curb where her body was found, lined with stuffed animals and flowers and cards.

(Credit: KDFW-TV)

Gallagher’s aunt, Teresa McDaniel said she was very loved by her parents and siblings. “I just broke down and cried,” she told KXAS-TV. “There was no speculation as to whether it was her, not her. When I read how she was found, I just broke down. I break down and cry when I hear one of these stories on the news, but to find out that’s my niece — that’s something that you can’t hold on to anymore.”

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“She seemed smarter than the average [child her age], just because of the questions she’d always ask,” neighbor John Janus told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “And her parents are nice and very, very smart people. They like books. The last time I was in their home, the front room looked like a library.”

John Smith, 18, won’t forget the moment he discovered Alanna’s body. “At first, I just thought it was some rubber stuff at first, and then I got a closer look and all I saw was a bag and I saw some hair sticking out and so, I was like, ‘Oh my God! It’s a girl!’ And that’s when I dropped to my knees and just started crying,” he told KXAS-TV.

Saginaw police have set up to 24-hour tip lines for the public to leave potential information about the case. The phone numbers are 682-888-3682 and 682-888-3684.

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