Minor League Ball Club Nixes ‘2nd Amendment Night’ Gun Raffle After Public Complaint

The Hunstville Stars, the Milwaukee Brewers’ AA-league affiliate, decided earlier this week to cancel Wednesday’s “2nd Amendment Night”:

“The Huntsville Stars July 3rd ‘2nd Amendment Night‘ game sponsored by Larry’s Pistol and Pawn promised ‘Fun, food, and firepower’ while offering free attendance to NRA members, and gave fans a chance to win one of three guns in a raffle,” USA Today reports.

Unfortunately, however, the Alabama baseball team came under fire because people actually thought they were giving away guns at the game.

The team eventually had to explain on social media that “2nd Amendment Night” would not, in fact, involve handing out guns to fans:

[blackbirdpie url=”https://twitter.com/HuntsvilleStars/statuses/350709641593880577″]

[blackbirdpie url=”https://twitter.com/HuntsvilleStars/statuses/350710096214495232″]

So, yes, after much online hyperventilating, the Alabama baseball team was actually forced to explain that it was merely holding a raffle — not arming its customers.

And now, as USA Today also notes, the team isn’t even doing that.

“We’re part of a larger organization and we have to uphold the game of baseball. It comes before everything we do,” Stars general manger Buck Rogers told AL.com.

“Some teams do crazy promotions and fund-raising and we do that too. We’re still going to continue to have promotions and things to bring family entertainment to Huntsville,” he added.

Indeed, “2nd Amendment Night” is still on — but just no raffle.

“Second Amendment Night hasn’t been canceled; it’s going on according to plan,” Huntsville media relations director Nicole Collins told USA TODAY. “The governing bodies of minor league teams told us it wouldn’t be in our best interest to have the raffle.

“(Second Amendment Night) is one promotion that people really felt the need to voice their opinion on. We want to protect the game, so it was a safety issue.”

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