Okay, so the guys behind the “whatever” YouTube page decided Thursday to quiz a bunch of drunken college kids in Isla Vista, Calif., on American history.

The results are pretty cringe-worthy.

Drunk College Kids Answer American History QuestionsDrunk College Kids Answer American History QuestionsNo, really, most of the students featured in the following video are magnificently, wonderfully, and totally ignorant.

Drunk College Kids Answer American History Questions

Except for this guy. The future of this republic rests on his shoulders. Godspeed, dude who knew the answers.

Of course, to be fair, their answers are probably 50 percent ignorance and 50 percent trying to be funny (most of them fail miserably in that department).

Watch and weep [content warning: coarse language and a lot of butt cheek]:

Enjoy your student loan debt, kids!

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