Comedy Closes Out Day Two of Man in the Moon (With a Hilarious ‘B.S. of A.’ Parody of the Show)

Late Friday night, thousands packed the ballroom at the Grand America Hotel for Mercury One’s sold out, laugh-filled, family friendly comedy show.  Host Jeff (“Jeffy”) Fisher was joined by headliner Jeff Allen, The Glenn Beck Show and WWoS’s Stu Burguiere, TheBlaze TV’s Brian Sack and Jack Helmuth from The B.S. of A., and TheBlaze Radio’s Doc Thompson and Skip Lacombe.

Stu opened his set by mocking Glenn’s fashion sense through the years (with many photos introduced as evidence), but also reminded people of his own fashion foibles — especially the memorable moment when he dressed in full drag.

Stu in drag

Although he was not in the building, Glenn Beck was a popular comedy target by almost all of the performers. And the weekend’s big event, Man in the Moon, was the subject of a new parody sketch from the “B.S. of A.” crew. Witness the sketch comedy show’s sneak preview of Man in The Moon:

Word of the new “promo” reached Mr. Beck and he quickly tweeted about it.

Brian Sack and Jack Helmuth also shared some of the B.S. of A.’s new material on the NSA scandal with a sketch called “NSA Funnies.BS of A's NSA Funnies

As stated in the opening, this was a family-friendly show, with laughter filling the room from start to finish. Comedian Jeff Allen wrapped up the night with a 40+minute set that had the room howling with laughter. In this small sample of Jeff’s performance, he explains the difference between today’s kids with ADHD and his childhood – where he was diagnosed to be suffering from a case of OLP (Obnoxious Little Punk).

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