ESPN Radio Host’s Thoughts on QB’s Hat Controversy Evolves into Inspiring Rant About Borders, Infidelity, and Even Rachel Maddow

49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick poses with a Miami Dolphins hat after he came under fire for wearing it to a 4th of July party. (Source: Kaepernick7 on Instagram)

It started as a simple monologue on San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and his much-maligned decision to wear a Miami Dolphins hat over the 4th of July holiday. But it ended up as an inspiring diatribe on culture, loyalty, and infidelity that even included a reference to Rachel Maddow.

We’re talking about ESPN radio host Colin Cowherd’s Monday morning radio rant.

Cowherd opened his show by saying he is “a little old school” and the news of Kapernick’s decision — and defiance regarding it — got him “all fired up.”

” … No, Kaepernick, you … must be really immature,” Cowherd said early in his diatribe, responding to the QB’s defense that those criticizing him must just be bored, “because we need borders in life. They’re really important.” And from there he let loose, driving home the idea that having personal boundaries — especially when it comes to loyalty — is imperative.

“Borders are clear lines in the sand, often unspoken. There is a right way to do business and a wrong way to do it,” he said, then mocking Kaepernick for thinking that the simple move of wearing another team’s hat is trivial. That’s when he brought Maddow and MSNBC into the discussion.

“You think MSNBC is cool if Rachel Maddow wears Fox News gear in public?” he asked rhetorically. “Oh, I’m sure they’d love that. Think Fox Sports is okay if all their top bosses wear ESPN gear?”

“Yeah I’m old school,” he continued later. “Call me a sell-out, a shill. I owe my employer and my fellow employees loyalty and respect. Borders equal principle and equal respect.”

But he wasn’t done there…

“By the way, you OK if your wife has another dude’s picture on her desk at work. They used to date. You’re not? Funny.”

Still not done…

“Even our country creates borders. A bar owner in Reno, Nevada, [a] Latino, flew the Mexican flag above that of the United States. Our government does not allow it. It’s a symbol. No other flag or pennant should be placed above or, [if] on the same level, to the right of the United States of American [sic] flag, except during church services conducted by Navy chaplains at sea. ‘Just a flag, man,'” Cowherd said, mocking detractors. “It’s just a hat, man.”

Still going…

“You find me a great nation, a great business, a great couple, a great set of parents and they have one thing: they have created borders and principles, unspoken but understood,” he added. “Colin Kaepernick, you’re the [on-field] CEO. Act like it.”

And going…

“It isn’t trivial. Symbols never have been. It matters a lot. Grow up.”

You can listen to the entire thing below:

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