Sarah Palin Hints at Alaska Senate Run in 2014

Former Gov. of Alaska Sarah Palin (Credit: AP)

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin told Sean Hannity on his radio show Tuesday that she is considering running for U.S. Senate in 2014 against Democratic incumbent Mark Begich (D-Alaska).

Palin said the GOP needs “new blood, new energy” in Congress, prompting Hannity to ask her if she could help with that problem.

“I’ve considered it because people have requested [that I consider it]. But I’m still waiting to see what the line-up will be,” she said.

Palin went on to say that Sen. Begich “has got to be replaced.”

“He has not done what he has promised to do for the people of Alaska, and that was to represent what it is that the nation needs in terms of energy development and so many other natural resource development issues that are near and dear to an Alaskan’s heart – because he is on the wrong side of the aisle, he has to go along to get along with his Democratic leadership and that’s a shame.”

When asked to speculate further on her potential Senate run, Palin said, “Any American with a heart for service has to always have in the back of their mind that they would do anything, everything that they could to help the cause.”


Featured image via AP