5 Phones That Are Baby, Toilet, Pool, Coffee and ‘Whatever-Proof’

A toddler dips your phone into his juice.

Your phone alls from your pocket into the toilet.

Someone thought it would be funny to toss your beach bag (or you) into the pool, and your phone is in a pocket.

These are any phone-owner’s worst nightmare — and really the phone-ruining possibilities are endless.

Sure, there are loads of methods to take preventative measures to waterproof your phone or to try and salvage it after it has accidentally been submerged in liquid, but an increasing number of phones are coming to the market already water-resistant.

If you’re tired of having to pull out a trusty bag of rice in an attempt to desiccate your phone for a few days — with varied success — and are wondering what phones might be best suited for your liquid-loving lifestyle, we’ve pulled together a list of a few.

Digital Life-Tech Test-Sony Xperia Phone
This undated product image provided by Sony shows the Xperia Z, unveiled Wednesday, July 10, 2013, in the U.S. The Xperia Z, helps Sony catch up with offerings from Samsung and HTC, but one feature stands out; Its water-resistant shell means you can submerge the phone up to 3 feet deep for up to 30 minutes. (Photo: AP/Sony)
  • Xperia Z: This new phone manufactured by Sony and unveiled this week has a water-resistant shell allowing it to be submerged in at least 3 feet of water for up t0 30 minutes — perhaps even deeper and for longer — and still work. The touchscreen will not work while under water, but any functions running when the phone is submerged will continue. When you take it out of the water, even before drying it off, use of the touchscreen returns. According to reviews, sound is muffled after being wet but returns to normal once dried out. Cost: $580 up front or $600 over two years.
  • Galaxy S4 Active: Unlike the Xperia Z, which cannot take photos under water unless the phone is set to a photo delay and then submerged, Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Active does have an underwater camera mode. The waterproof feature does not come standard for the Galaxy S4 phone though — it specifically needs to be the S4 Active, which claims to allow up to 30 minutes of water time. This version is also dust resistant. USA Today’s Edward Baig tested it by dunking, pouring and shooting the phone with water. Where it didn’t hold up though, Baig wrote, was after being submerged in a pool. Cost: $199. Here’s Samsung’s commercial for its “whatever-proof” phone available only through AT&T:

  • Defy XT: This phone by Motorola has seen some criticism in reviews for its power, but it is another waterproof, dust-resistant variety. To test, CNET ran the phone under a water fountain and submerged it in a pitcher of water for more than 15 minutes — all good. Cost: $99. Watch the review:

  • Android Razr: Also by Motorola, several Razrs are “splash proof” thanks to a Kevlar exterior. “It struggles for the first few seconds while the screen is still wet, but after it is dried a little bit, springs back into action unscathed,” Darcy LaCouvee for Android Authority wrote. Watch this test:

  • Kyocera Torque: This device is pretty rugged as far as looks go with plastic and rubber adding up to a phone that’s “water, dust, shock and vibration proof,” according to CNET. Admittedly though, these waterproofing measures do result in lower resolution and response to touch. Cost: $349 as is or $99 with two-year Spring contract and after mail-in rebate. Here’s CNET’s review:

The Associated Press contributed to this report.