MLK’s Daughter After Zimmerman Verdict: It’s 1963 All Over Again

The daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said Saturday that George Zimmerman’s acquittal is like being back in the middle of the civil rights movement in the United States.

Fifty years after her father, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was jailed in Birmingham, Bernice A. King stands by an historic marker honoring her father. Dr. King penned the famous “Letter from the Birmingham Jail” at the site. (AP)

“It’s ’63 once again,” Bernice King posted in a statement on Facebook. “NOT GUILTY. Just like those who got off for the bombing of the 16th Street Church in Birmingham back in ’63. I’m stunned and disappointed. It’s a sad day in the history of American jurisprudence that our justice system continues to fall short of the truth, especially when a person can be going about their daily business and ultimately be killed because of a false assumption.”

Quoting her late father, King said “we’ve got some difficult days ahead,” but emphasized his philosophy of nonviolence.

“All protests against the verdict must demonstrate an irrevocable commitment to nonviolence, to honor the dignity of Trayvon Martin’s life and not add further tragedy to what his family and the people of Sanford have already experienced. Now is the time to create a culture of nonviolence,” she wrote.